Whole body Cryotherapy

    What is Cryotherapy?

The client is placed in a cryotherapy sauna for a short duration of 2-3 minutes, where the temperature drops between -200 to -240F. This lowers skin surface temperature and stimulates receptors. The core body temperature remains unchanged throughout the process, and blood rushes to the core to protect the vital organs. The skin sends a signal to the brain which creates stimulation of immune and basic body systems, increases collagen production, releases endorphins to block pain and decreases inflammation. The effect of cold decreases tissue metabolism, constricts blood vessels, decreases pain sensation, and decreases muscle spasm. The blood returning to the body is highly oxygenated and nutrient-rich, which helps the body repair and strengthen itself. Clients report that the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of other conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, and various skin conditions.